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Synchronization system renewal project in Kenya – 15.07.2016

Synchronization system renewal project in Kenya – 15.07.2016

PolyNet Ltd. today announced that it has successfully completed a major network synchronization system renewal project at its existing client Safaricom, Kenya.

The implementation project is the continuation of the initial synchronization system development carried out by PolyNet in year 2004-2005.
The recent synchronization system hardware renewal project, along with the provided training courses and the sync audit services help the network operator in maintaining the proper synchronization quality in its existing network while enabling the smooth transition from the legacy network synchronization to the timing requirements of 4G/LTE and beyond.


PolyNet, as a developer and manufacturer of network synchronization systems provides precise time and frequency references, measuring instruments and professional services to the wire line and wireless operators worldwide to ensure the firm foundation of their optimal network operation.

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