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PTPGM4009 PTP Grandmaster Clock

PTPGM4009 – PTP Grandmaster Clock

PTPGM4009 is a PTP/NTP over PRP clock that allows for multiple configurations to provide the most precise and secure timing for data centers, power utilities, stock exchange, broadcast, IoT, or traffic control. It has been designed to meet the various needs of the different industrial applications. It simplifies the migration to PTP without abandoning investments in NTP, IRIG-B or BITS, this way facilitating the integration, interaction, and translation of all types of signals, profiles, and protocols. It offers a dependable and fault-tolerant solution to loss of reference, network outages and power failures to enable networks to run with high precision, reliability, and efficiency.

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For IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster server with TDM synch support, see also our products PTPGM1010 and PTPGM1009.

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Key features

  • PTP Grandmaster Clock, fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard
  • Modular and configurable
  • Designed to integrate heterogenous networks
  • Provides accurate and secure timing even in case of power, network or sync failures
  • Efficient power consumption
  • PTP/NTP over PRP clock for mission critical applications
  • PRP native (DAN-P clock) no Red box required
  • Supports and translates PTP Telecom and Power profiles
  • 512 unicast clients
  • OCXO / Rubidium are available for internal oscillator
  • Multiple in/out signals PTP, NTP, SyncE, 1PPS, E1, T1, MHz, Mb/s
  • PTP-to-all, NTP-to-PTP, IRIG-B-to-PTP protocol translation
  • Facilitates the coexistence of legacy and new protocols
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