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Synchronization Audit and Training services

Provided services

Manufacturing and installation of high quality and extremely reliable GPS controlled atomic clocks with PTP Grandmaster (IEEE 1588-2008)
Manufacturing and installation of timing signal regenerators and distributor units (SSU)
Operation and Maintenance Support (Help Desk, Sync Network Audit, Quality Measurements, Spare parts handling)
Synchronization Audit measurements
Network Synchronization Training services
Sync network architecture planning and consultancy

Having the above capabilities PolyNet as the expert of network synchronisation can help network operators in selecting the optimal strategy that fully meet their short and long term network strategy and quality expectations.

Synchronization Network Planning

Site planning according to the synchronisation strategy and the specialities of the chosen type of synchronising equipment. Modify the current synchronising architecture in line with the strategy.

Network Synchronization Training

PolyNet provides comprehensive courses for operation and maintenance staff in order to understand the philosophy and structure of their synchronisation network and be able to manage the network itself.

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