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PTPGM1009 IEEE 1588V2 Grandmaster Clock with TDM sync support

IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster clock – PTPGM1009

The PTPGM1009 is a Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster Clock which is fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard and compatible with PolyNet PW1008HG Primary Reference Clock. The Grandmaster supports wide range of PTP features including Unicast, Multicast and Hybrid PTP operation modes.

Available with both balanced and unbalanced TDM interfaces.

Download Datasheet

The PTPGM1009 Grandmaster serves as PTP, SyncE and TDM clock and provides:

  • 8 x 2 MHz and 8 x 2 Mbps (E1) output interfaces for TDM sync;
  • 2 x 1PPS;
  • 2 x ToD RJ45;
  • 1 x SFP 1G optical and/or electrical SyncE/PTP interfaces;
  • serves up to 1,024 PTP clients at full packet rate;
  • multiband GNSS receiver.

For IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster clock with double PTP performance, also see our product PTPGM1010 or PTPGM4009.

Check your network synchronization quality with our Ptest 5G sync analyzer and IP tester.

Key features

  • Telecom Grandmaster Clock, fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard
  • Unicast and Multicast modes are supported
  • One- and Two-step clock
  • Best Master Clock algorithm support
  • PTP clock quality messaging
  • Delay request-response and peer delay mechanisms (E2E, P2P)
  • Unrestricted 1024 VLAN support on PTP and NTP interfaces
  • Hardware Timestamp Engine
  • OCXO or Rubidium oscillator
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